Have faith…sunny days are ahead

Many of us are SO ready for the warmth of spring time.  I found this on Pinterest and thought, “I want to be there!”.   It’s the same with trials.  When I am going through a trial (or trials! :-)), there comes a point when I just want to be on the other side where there is peace and calm.

It has taken a while to understand this, but we can experience peace as we go through trials.  God wants us to lay every burden at His feet  We no longer need to worry or fret, He’s got us.  He is our Rock and our Fortress.

Today, take a little time to pause and picture yourself at a beautiful sandy beach.  Warmth and peace are ahead.  Thank you, Lord, for the snow…and thank you, Lord, for the warmth of spring.  In the same way, thank you for the trials of life as they make me stronger and wiser and help me rely more on You.

God bless you and give you peace…