Love this!!

If this video doesn’t make you want to dance, I don’t know what will! 😀

Blessings to my blog friends…














































































































































































































































































































































































































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You are Beautiful…

I just wanted you to know you are loved and our Father sees you as a magnificent creation.  It may be difficult, but try to not believe the lies of this world.  People will try to wound you with words and rob you of joy.  You are the daughter or son of a mighty King.  Hold on to that truth.

God bless you and protect you,


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Song can be found on You Tube…Beautiful, by Mercy Me.

His eye is on the Sparrow…

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I hope you have a blessed day knowing He is watching over you as He watches over the sparrow.

God Bless You.






Reading between the lines (C. S. Lewis)

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God Bless You an Give You Peace,

Sandi McCravy





















I Can Only Imagine…

This song continues to touch my heart.  Thank you, Mercy Me.

God Bless You and Give You Peace,

Sandra Brooks McCravy















Inspirational Music

I love worshiping our Lord through music.  I hope you experience the same blessings…


God Bless you and give you peace,

Sandra Brooks McCravy
























Prayer from The Holy Bible Book Page on Facebook…





















So cute!