15 Shrubs to Grow From Cuttings + How to Do it — DIY & Crafts

This is something I have always wanted to do…except for Wisteria. While Wisteria is beautiful, especially when used in wedding or other romantic photographic settings, it can become overpowering if not properly maintained. We had a Wisteria vine that took over the back part of our property. It wrapped around trees and other plants. It must be cared for to maintain harmony in your garden.

While it may seem easy enough to go out to a gardening nursery and get seeds or young plants, there are other ways to expand your garden or landscaping. The most effective way is to grow your own plants from some that you already have! In fact, growing from cuttings can be quite rewarding, offering […]

15 Shrubs to Grow From Cuttings + How to Do it — DIY & Crafts

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Do It On A Dime ~ A Must for Everyone!

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